About Me

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I’ve always been an avid mystery reader. In addition to joining the narrator as she solves the crime, I enjoy learning about different places and occupations. Some of my favorite recipes are culled from mysteries.

After graduating with a degree in English from Connecticut College, I worked at an astonishing variety of jobs as we moved around the country, finally earning an MBA at Kent State University. I landed in sales management for the custom decorating division of a national department store chain.

On a bleak January day at the start of a major birthday year, my youngest a freshman in college, I opened a blank Word document and started writing my first novel. My experience in interior design and home renovation gave me the necessary background for my protagonist, Lizzie Christopher, to manage both a shop and renovation projects.

I combined the Ohio towns where I’ve lived: Wyoming, Hudson, and Evendale, into the fictional college town of Jericho.

Five years later, during another major birthday year, I’m near completion of my debut novel. I’ve published thirteen mystery short stories since 2014, and for the past year, have been part of the Writers Who Kill blog. I’ve written many stories about Lizzie and her family in Jericho. More recently, I’ve published stories set in New Orleans, where I visit at least once a year.

I am a member of Sisters in Crime and their Guppy division, and the Midwest Writers of America.

My three children are grown and gone, leading their exciting lives in other places. I am an avid gardener and flower photographer. I enjoy staying current in the fields of interior design and home renovation, reading books and magazines and prowling around antique stores and art galleries. My scientist husband and I enjoy traveling and attending music and drama productions in Cincinnati. We’re frequently seen attached to the leashes of our two black standard poodles, Boo and Jazz.

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